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Low Carbon England 2015 Solaroad UK

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All presentations will be project based outlining best practice & knowledge transfer educating delegates on the advantages of using products, solutions & technologies with collected evidence based data which will support the performance and CO2 reductions made within the projects specified.

08:00 am – Registration and Morning Coffee in the “Networking Zone” 60 minutes of Networking 

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SESSION 1 Commences: “Reducing our Emissions through the adoption of  Smart Heat & Energy Systems” Chaired by SmartKlub 

09:00 am – Chair’s Opening Address – David Morgan, Founding Partner, SmartKlub (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE:   “Introduction to SmartKlub”

SmartKlub_Logo Dave Morgan SmartKlub


09:10 am – Keynote AddressPatrick Allcorn, Head of Local Energy, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE:   Local Energy; “An Alternative View”

DBEIS Patrick Allcorn BEIS

09:25 am – Evidence Based Analysis Project by: Jenny Hill, Senior Analyst, Heat, Committee on Climate Change (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE:   “Next Steps for UK heat policy”

Overview: A whistlestop tour through the Committee’s recent report on heat decarbonisation policy. This looks at what policies could put the UK on track to meeting the legislated carbon budgets through the 2020s, and beyond, ahead of the Government’s forthcoming Emission Reductions Plan.

committee-on-climate-change-285x191Jenny Hill Comittee on Climate Change

09:40 am – Evidence Based Analysis Project by, Toby Heysham, Director, Pinnacle Power (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE:Delivering innovatively financed and operated energy networks”

Pinicle.Power.svgToby Heysham Pinnacle Power

09:55 am – Evidence Based Analysis Project by Khazar Hayat, Managing Director,  TrentENERGY (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE:   “Delivering District Heating Networks”

logo2Kaz 150 Thumbnail LCB

10:10 am – Evidence Based Analysis Project by: Darren Forbes, Managing Director, Langley Eco, Renewable Technologies Specialist. (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE: “Powerful Energy Solutions”

Overview – Langley Eco offers the full solution – offering expertise in renewable technologies. The presentation will outline Langley Eco’s ethos and passion for reducing energy use for social housing clients and residents. Highlighting a solar PV and battery storage case study for a Peterborough School, covering infra-red heating solutions and their role in the reduction of damp (as well as the potential energy cost reduction) and introducing an exciting new paint-on EWI technology, Langley Eco Resin, a thermal insulation coating using nanotechnology.


Langley Eco Logo (Small)Darren Forbes Langley Eco

10:25 am – Question & Answer Panel Session from Delegate Audience to Main Plenary Speakers

Q&A 1

10:45 am – Interactive Refreshment Break in the “Networking Zone”  60 minutes of Networking 

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SESSION 2 Commences: Is it time for cities to get “Smart” about their assets, estates & facilities ? – Chaired by SmartKlub

11:45 am – Session Chair – David Morgan, Founding Partner, SmartKlub (CONFIRMED)

SmartKlub_Logo  Dave Morgan SmartKlub

11:55 am – Keynote Address: Richard Rugg, Managing Director, Programmes, Carbon Trust (CONFIRMED) 

PRESENTATION TITLE:The Public Sector; Leading the Way on Carbon Reduction”

Carbon TrustRichard Rugg Carbon Trust

12:10 pm – Evidence Based Analysis Project by Simon Blazey, Strategic Solutions Sales Manager, UK & Nordic Region, Tridonic (CONFIRMED)  

PRESENTATION TITLE: “The Internet of Lighting”

Logo_Tridonic_poweredby  Simon blazey Tridonic

12:25 pm – Evidence Based Analysis Project by Terri Wills, CEO, World Green Building Council (CONFIRMED

PRESENTATION TITLE:  “Advancing Net Zero”

Overview: – How the Green Building movement is aiming for 100% Net Zero emissions buildings by 2050.


World Green Building Council Terri Wills CEO World Green Building Council

12:40 pm – Evidence Based Analysis Project by: Evidence Based Analysis Project by: Mo Hanslod, CEO, Bri-Tek Technologies Ltd (CONFIRMED

PRESENTATION TITLE:  “Implementing Emergency Battery Solutions for LED Luminaires”

Overview: –  Bri-Tek will provide an overall insight into some of their energy efficient technologies which have helped them to deliver successful projects across some of the public sector’s assets, estates & facilities within the UK.


Bri-Tek-LogoMo Hanslod Bri-Tek Technologies l

12:55 pm – Evidence Based Analysis Project by: Susie Vernon, Head of Environment, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE:  “Care without Carbon – “Seven Steps to Sustainable Healthcare”


Care Without Carbonsussex-nhs-logoSusie Vernon Sussex Community NHS Trust

13:10 pm – Question & Answer Panel Session from Delegate Audience to Main Plenary Speakers

Q&A 1

13:30 pm – Interactive Lunch Break in the “Networking Zone” 60 minutes of Networking 


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SESSION 3 Commences: –’Improving Air Quality and Road Transport: Impacts and Low Carbon Solutions – Chaired by Client Earth 

14:30 pm – Chair’s Afternoon Address – Simon Alcock, Clean Air Team’s Communications & Public Affairs Manager  (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE: “Introduction to ClientEarth’s clean air campaign”

Client Earth  simon_alcock

14:40 pm – Keynote Address: Luke Redfern, Commercial Partnerships Manager, Cenex, Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon & Fuel Cell Technologies (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE: “Electric Mobility and Smart Connected Cities”

Overview: – The need for mobility is increasing, but can the UK use smart, connected and clever transport to reduce harmful emissions attributable to 40,000 early deaths a year? With the introduction of forced Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) imminent, Cenex will be presenting on the potential disruptive impact of electric mobility, and the opportunity to integrate energy and mobility using smart systems. The presentation will include a focus on Vehicle-To-Grid technology, an infrastructure that allows bi-directional charging and storage of energy to and from the vehicle and the grid, and look at the UK’s first installation of V2G at the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) based at Aston University, Birmingham.

Cenex LogoLuke Redfern Speaker Profile Picture

14:55 pm – Evidence Based Analysis Project by: David Thackray, Sales & Marketing Director, Tevva Motors (CONFIRMED)

PRESENTATION TITLE:  “The Zero Emission Truck – Making it Real; Making it Happen”

Tevva Motors Logo jpgDT at BH

15:10 pm – Evidence Based Analysis Project by: Gloria Esposito, Head of Projects, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (CONFIRMED

PRESENTATION TITLE:   “Deployment of low emission buses across the UK”

Overview: – Discussing how the low emission bus market has developed over the last five years, giving examples of a range of technologies and fuels currently being adopted and what activities LowCVP is undertaking to assist local authorities and bus operators purchase decisions.

LOWCVP2013-rgbGloria Esposito

15:25 pm – Question & Answer Panel Session from Delegate Audience to Main Plenary Speakers

Q&A 1

15:40 pm – Chairs Closing Remarks 



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